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Tamir fine jewelry Beverly Hills Los Angeles is luxuriously  hand crafted with the utmost attention to detail that captures all the allure and beauty of the fancy colored diamond, romantic old european cut or old mine cut diamond, fine colored gemstone etc., highlighted in a timeless design.

The best fine jewelry requires the use of platinum in the process of creating hand made pieces because of its superior properties and purer metal content. Tamir also uses yellow, rose, green and other gold colors to achieve a variety of aesthetics. Black-finished silver and other alternative metals are employed for very unusual, unique and artistic fine jewelry creations.

We also specialize in a variety of micro pave styles, setting round brilliant diamonds, single cut diamonds producing the best scintillation and "fire" in smaller sizes, rose cuts etc.

Tamir fine jewelry is exclusively hand made in the USA and all pieces are signed with the Tamir registerd trademark to best represent the authenticity of the piece.



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