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Private Jeweler | Beverly Hills Los Angeles| TAMIR


Being a private jeweler in Beverly Hills Los Angeles, it is impossible not to be entranced when confronted by a rare, beautiful and shimmering gem or diamond. My passion is to create a magnificent piece of fine jewelry to maximize and showcase the stone’s true beauty.


Innovation in jewelry designing and incorporating the rarest materials with true value, is my mission, as striving to be the best private jeweler in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. In addition, sourcing the stones myself, designing, and working close with my jewelers in our European style atelier, gives me an edge - no middle man. Doing so, the best final price of my product truly reflects its value. We believe that the price tag must be supported by true value.


As a Beverly Hills private jeweler and G.I.A graduate gemologist, I strive to create the best educational, individualy tailored experience for my clients. It is my hope that our final jewelry masterpiece, inspired by you, brings you pleasure, is enjoyed in good health and is a reflection of your unique sensibility.


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