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Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl species. It is a transparent gemstone found in a range of blue shades from pale to medium, light blue-green or light green to a deep blue. The color can be quite intense in larger sized stones, while it is often less vivid in the smaller ones. The presence of iron gives Aquamarine its color.

Brazil is th main source for Aquamarine. Other sources are Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Nambia and more.

A gem that is a deep blue color is the most valued and sought after in fine jewelry.

Aquamarine is believed to keep the sailors safe and guard against storms, it inspires hope, health, happiness, victory and everlasting youth. It is also a sacred gem, one of 12 for each tribe of Israel adorning the breastplate of the high priest, according to The Bible.

Aquamarine is March's birthstone and the suggested gift for the 19th weddng anniversary.


Hardness: 7.5 - 8

Specific Gravity: 2.66 - 2.80

Rerfractive Index range: 1.567 - 1.590




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