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Prized for its electric blue color, Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in the 1980's in the federal Brazilian state of Paraiba, for which it is named. Considered one of the most desirable gemstones used in fine jewelry in modern times, Paraiba Tourmaline ows its spectacular best color to copper. Since its original discovery, other copper maganese Tourmalines have been found in Nigeria and Mozambique, also termed Paraiba regardless of origin.

Tourmaline was thought to be an aid to meditation, foster compassion and allow its wearer to keep a cool head. It was highly valued by alchemists who thought that it would grant enlightment, reconcile opossitions and change base metals to gold.

Tourmaline is the alterative birthstone for October. It is also the suggested gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.


Hardness: 7

Refractive Index range: 1.62 - 1.64

Specific Gravity: 3.02 - 3.26


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